Do you really need another reason to quit smoking?

Possible Lower Rehire Rates for Smokers

woman on smoke break

Smoking cigarettes contributes to six million deaths annually and statistic show smokers die ten years earlier than their nonsmoking counterparts on average. Smoking is known to cause heart disease, stroke and cancer. Smoking also contributes to early death in children, makes it more likely to develop diabetes and can decrease blood flow necessary for an erection thereby being a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Employed smokers can cost their employers money in the form of sick days, less productivity and increased costs for health care.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine also proposes that smokers are less likely to be hired than nonsmokers and earn less than nonsmokers. It’s not clear whether smoking is the reason for not being hired in a shorter period of time or whether it’s an effect of being unemployed.

Distilled to the essential findings the research found that of the total number of participants—smokers and nonsmokers—over 55 percent of the nonsmokers were reemployed within one year, whereas only 26 percent of smokers were.

Some limitations of the research are that it was limited to a specific geographic area (San Francisco Bay area) and because the size of the sample researchers were dealing with it was not possible to corollate the rehire numbers to any specific job type.

Regardless, the study suggests yet one more reason that smoking is detrimental, not only to health but perhaps also to wealth.
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